Become a part of
an awesome team

While improving people's lives with your knowledge, kindness, and passion. 
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Our mentors are rockstars.

So we pay them like rockstars

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Teach what you are passionate about.

We will make earning easy.

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 Post your available hours 

Once a week, students can know when to schedule a one-on-one session with you, simple and without any friction.

We don't want you to only share your knowledge.
College does that, and it's not enough. We want you to connect and push students forward into a better future.
We want mentors that recognize the importance of human connection & community.
Mentors that truly want their students to become
the ones who push humanity forward into a better future.
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We want  you  to ignite the fire of curiosity
in students, so they can keep learning, growing, and shaping our future.

Be who you needed when you where younger

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